Environmental and Community Management Policy

Alexandre Hotels, committed to reducing and managing our environmental impact, guarantees good working conditions and rights for our employees and helps our community by interacting with the local population, respecting their traditions and strengthening their economy.


There is a documented policy with specific objectives regarding Environmental Conservation and the commitment to achieve a reduction in energy consumption and related costs. Alexandre Hotels and its employees are committed to the efficiency of their activity and the preservation of the environment, assuming the well-being and conservation of our environment and our community.

Our community policy and main actions are:

1_ Supply, energy management and saving initiatives.

We ensure the energy control of all hotel operations, investing in A-grade efficiency equipment and we raise awareness among our staff on energy conservation, developing the following initiatives and actions: Low consumption lighting in all hotel facilities, card and switch system to deactivate air conditioning in our guests' rooms, replacement of air conditioning systems, replacement of Aero air conditioning fans, control timers in outdoor lighting, mini bars with thermoelectric technology, TV with low consumption screen, heating of sanitary water and swimming pool by means of solar panels.

2_ Water management

Alexandre Hotels incorporates water-saving devices in its hotels that reduce water consumption, both in taps and cisterns, the gardens have a drip irrigation system, hot water is generated by solar panels in the hotels La Siesta, Gala, Troya and FrontAir Congress, in the case of the Hotel Fira Congress it has invested in Biomass, which is used for the heating of the swimming pool, and in the case of the Hotel Fira Congress it has invested in Biomass, which is used for the heating of the swimming pool.

3_ Waste management

Alexandre Hotels minimises waste production in all its areas, recycling glass and plastic containers.

4_ Use of Chemicals

Alexandre Hotels uses biodegradable chemicals and safely disposes of hazardous waste.

5_ Promotion of Responsible Tourism

Alexandre Hotels, a member of the "Turismo de Tenerife" organisation, promotes and enhances the economic and social benefits of the community and its businesses.

6_ Procurement

Alexandre Hotels prioritises the purchase of local products over imports or external suppliers, collaborating with official bodies to promote local traditions.

7_ Employment

Alexandre Hotels recognises the importance of hiring staff within the local area of its hotels rather than looking outside the community.

8_ Donations and Charity

Alexandre Hotels is sensitive to the needs of charities, schools, hospitals and groups in our community and collaborates by providing financial or in-kind support to a number of these institutions.

9_ Our objectives:

The reduction of solid waste, with the purchase of products in bulk. To continue with the reduction of drinking water consumption, to train and qualify the hotel staff through environmental conservation courses.

This is why it is involved in:
Developing information and dissemination campaigns on environmental issues.
Training and educating staff on environmental issues.
Designing and executing environmental management actions and their surroundings.
Supervising and controlling the results of the actions implemented.
Complying with the hotel's environmental management policies and current legislation.