Right of admission

This establishment reserves the right of admission

The entry and/or stay in this establishment is prohibited to any person who:

• Is not registered as a customer, has not a confirmed reservation, and/or did not pay the price or the corresponding supplement.

• Refuses to identify him or herself before the security staff and/or the management.

• Shows to be intoxicated or under influence of any psychotropic substance.

• Carries or consumes any kind of psychotropic substances.

• Carries any object likely to cause damage to people or things.

• Evidences a clear and noticeable lack of personal hygiene.

• Has been previously expelled from the establishment, due to inadequate behaviour.

• Does not respect the established standards of behaviour and internal regulations, like for instance, by not wearing any clothes covering the chest within the indoor areas, or not following the dress code within the facilities where a dress code is required.

• Causes or incites any disorder in the establishment.

• Shows an antisocial behaviour, by disturbing other guests and/or employees of the establishment, and particularly, if he/she does not respect the relax and wellbeing of the other guests.

• Insults and/or disrespects any employee of the establishment.

• Destroys furniture in common areas or rooms, or causes serious damage to any area of the establishment.

• Deliberately fails to comply with the payment and credit limit policy of the establishment, related to any of the provided services.

• Consumes drinks or food from the outside at any of the service points where these products are purchased, or takes food or drinks out of the Buffet to have them outside these premises.

• Misuses or makes unauthorized use of the meal plan that he/she has contracted, such as using the All-Inclusive service to invite other people.

• Is accompanied by an animal, except for assistance dogs, as established by Law 2/2020, december the 23rd.

• Smokes or consumes tobacco products and/or electronic cigarettes within the premises, except for the areas specifically designated for this activity.

• In case that there are extraordinary circumstances, derived from a sanitary alert or from any other nature, if he/she does not comply with the requirements and/or restrictions established by the local Authorities.

The Management