Commitment to the Community

Alexandre Hotels, as an entity integrated in the Community, has the obligation to contribute to the improvement and greater well-being of the social and economic environment where it operates, generating development opportunities through the following commitments:

1_ Integration:

Respecting, supporting and promoting the culture, rules and conservation of the local environment.

2_ Collaboration:

To maintain a permanent dialogue with the local community and social agents in order to understand their needs and contribute to their progress through responsible behaviour. p>

3_ Purchasing:

Hotel Gala prioritises the purchase of local products over imports or external suppliers, collaborating with official bodies to promote local traditions.

4_ Employment:

Prioritise the hiring of local staff to promote the development of the societies where the company is present and the enrichment of the cultural diversity of our work teams.

5_ Donations and Charity:

The Hotel Gala, sensitive to the needs of charities, schools, hospitals and groups in our community, collaborates by providing financial or in-kind support to various institutions.