The Management of Alexandre Hotels, in accordance with its Basic Principles, undertakes to comply with the following policies:


To guarantee dignified and fair treatment, respectful of different cultural sensitivities, which does not allow discrimination on grounds of nationality, social group, age, sex, disability or religion, excluding any kind of abuse or harassment and establishing the necessary health and safety conditions in the workplace.


To have recruitment and selection procedures that guarantee equal opportunities, assessing candidates with clear criteria to identify the ideal skills for the position, as well as ensuring strict compliance with current legislation on recruitment.


To favour the professional fulfilment of employees, within a framework of personal fulfilment, without interfering with the company's objectives, through objective and transparent processes and, if required, by establishing training and qualification programmes that serve as a key element for continuous improvement.


Adapt the remuneration policy and social benefits to the economic and social framework, to the level of responsibility assigned to each position, to performance and to the achievement of objectives; in an equitable manner and in accordance with established regulations.

Labour relations

Recognise the right of association and trade union membership and establish a relationship of dialogue and cooperation with trade unions and their representatives and cooperate, without this being detrimental to the very existence of the Company.