Alexandre Hotels follows a Food Safety protocol in all food handling, preparation and service processes. To this end, it is committed to complying with the following principles:

1_ To protect customers and employees

from possible risks arising from the preparation, handling and service of food.

2 _ To comply

with the existing legal requirements in the field of food safety.

3_ To develop and continuously improve the Food Hygiene Control Systems applied (HACCP and Hygiene Plans)

in the context of the regulations with the utmost rigour and which contemplates all the factors involved in the food chain that takes place in our area.

4_ To offer customers guarantees of the quality of the products used

facilitating their accessibility and information about them.

5_ To involve staff as a key element.

Training and raising staff awareness of the importance of their contribution to food safety, through continuous training. Our policy has been communicated to our entire team and is available to the public, customers and our collaborators.